WOD Thursday 02-02-2012 skill- 15 minutes on a lift or movement that you are not good at

work capacity:

5 rounds for time

400 m run 10 knees to elbow 10 alternating pushups on 45 lb weight 5 wall climbs

It's a choice to fight through. It's a choice to quit. We have the capabilities to do amazing feats. The WOD's may look impossible but if you just choose to fight through it then you will accomplish it. This Friday we will be doing a HERO WOD. Our Fallen Soldiers choose to sacrifice for our country so you can have the freedom to train comfortably as you please. When doing these WOD's please keep in mind that it is less about "fitness" and  more about honor and respect for those that have fallen. Fight through it. Endure. Some have left families behind. Think of these things as you begin these monsters. Don't complain, gripe, get scared, or whine. Heads forward. Body and mind ready. Just say when, we're ready to begin. Get it done.