CROSSFIT LOOMIS  |  Train For Life

Welcome! You have found the website for CrossFit Loomis in Placer County, CA.This is a warehouse gym where success is measured by results and performance. There are no mirrors. The music is loud. The workouts are intense and challenging. We do not use machines, we make them. Do not be intimidated by the hard workouts posted daily. All of the workouts are routinely scaled to each individual athlete's need.
CrossFit Loomis is for all people at all fitness levels. Our gym is made up of people from all walks of life: executives, moms, soldiers, business owners, students, police, fire fighters, senior citizens, youth, hair dressers, teachers, doctors, nutritionists, coaches, etc. We share the philosophy that we are all athletes and the sport is life. Thus, we are training to not suck at life.

The most important part about how we train is safely to prevent injury. Step one - Learn proper form and exercise mechanics. Step two - consistently perform the movements correctly within established parameters. Step three - tap into training intensity. There is not a better place for a beginner, or someone who hasn't worked out before than CrossFit Loomis, because you will be taught how to train correctly and safely with a long-term approach to fitness. You will be challenged, but you will learn how to train correctly with confidence and you will enjoy the results.

This gym is here for one reason - make people more fit. What do we consider fit? What is fitness? Read this:  Fitness isn't cheap and it isn't easy. You will earn every fiber of muscle you build by doing HARD WORK. You will take inches off of your waist and thighs through consistent HARD WORK and controlling what you eat.

All fitness levels are welcome, you will not be asked to do more than you are mentally and physically prepared to do. You will be coached, you will be instructed, and you will be shown how to use proper form - always! All workouts can be scaled to your ability level and substitutions are always available when injury and rehabilitation require it.

Is fear holding you back? Fear of hard work, fear of change, fear of facing the fact that you have let yourself go, or fear that the many hours you logged at the globo gym (24 Hr Fitness, Golds, Fitness 19, Crunch, etc.) watching TV on elliptical trainers and working body part splits like chest and tri's on Monday wasn't the best use of your time? It's time to put the fear behind you and take a step in a new direction.