don't waste your time

WOD 02-01-2012 Conditioning: Death by 10 meters

Work Capacity: 30 Barbel Burpee Clean and jerks (135/95)

watch this video for rules. we won't be doing the "bear complex" for penalty. It will be something different and you will be notified at the beginning of the wod. [youtube]

We live once. so live. Experience fully. Life, relationships, WOD'S! What will you do with this day? Will you roll your eyes and gripe and moan about what you have to do? or will you attack it with force knowing that you WILL accomplish the goal and nothing is going to stop you, not even your mind telling you to stop, your crazy, no one else is doing it. This is what separates those that don't and the ones that do. A sweet decision. So decide. Don't waste your time. 30 Barbell Burpee Clean and Jerks. should be fun