Great job

Monday March 2


strength: emom for 10 

2 push press - 70-80% of max add weight if necessary


Amrap 7 minutes

5 deadlifts 155/105

5 hang cleans 155/105

5 burpees



very proud of all those that decided to sign up for the open and challenge yourselves at another level. Many personal record already! And also we may know of some things that we want to get better at as well! Week 1 down. We await the next workout. Remember to get your scores submitted in before 5 pm and don't wait till the last minute. Also remember that your score and effort matter. It may not matter at the "crossfit games" level but it matters at a personal level. It's good to take the intensity up a notch. It's good to push and stay in the game until you get that rep! 

i personally care more about the athletes that are not at the top of the leaderboard but are giving it a shot to challenge themselves in a new way. It is a way of breaking through barriers of fear and creating even more confidence than you had before. It's risking failure to find success. What have you got to lose? You can still sign up until 5.