Wod jan 12,2012 Skill:

clean + jerk

Work Capacity: 800 m run 30  clean+jerk (135/95) 800 m run

Grace (Tosh) [wmv][mov]

Every rep counts! It's hard not to get caught up in the competition @ the box. The temptation to cut corners is always there. "no one is watching, yeah, i'm sure I did 100 burpees" when actually it was 98. Ahh, what difference does a miscount of 2 burpees make? Actually a whole bunch. It's not about the WOD! it's about max effort. it's about heart. it's about character. What you do in the box translates to your life. If you cheat in the box then you will cheat in life. Make every rep count and know that your commitment to the box is a commitment to your life and the person you are becoming. PEACE!