Monday - redos of 19.1


strength : 15 mins to complete  

5 cycles of  - (one very 3 mins)

3 power cleans

3 front squats

3 shoulder to over head  

- go as heavy or as light as desired  


15 min amrap: 

9 squats  

6 pushups  

3 clean 155/105


for those doing redos of 19.1- there are 2 opportunities during the class to do them and also coach Meshell will be at the gym at 3 if anyone would like to do it early.  

you may also come in between 10-4 but you must have someone to count you.  

- please respect all those that are not wanting to redo and have normal class.  

- please indicate to the coach if you are wanting to redo. Submissions must be in before 5 so plan accordingly. It is not the coaches responsibility to get your workout in on time, it is yours. Thank you and great luck!