Test time

Friday April 11 2014

a. Max lift- 1-1-1-1-1  

whichever lift you have been working on test your progress. We will continue for the next 2 weeks building your lift or you may choose another lift to work on and test it in 2 weeks.  

B. if you don't care about lifting

wod: yesterday's wod

run 1 mile

50 kb swings

50 burpee box jumps

run 1 mile


C. Wod  


clean 135/95

ring dips


if you are planning on doing the food fitness challenge the first part that is required will be the hydrostatic body fat test. Crossfit Roseville will have the bus there on April 17 the from 3-7 pm. We will then have a retest at crossfit Loomis on May 15 3-7pm. I will have a sign up sheet on Monday. Details of challenge will be available on Monday.