september fun

Thursday Aug 14,2013

Strength : 5-5-5-5-5 front squats

start at about 60% and increase to about 80% 

for time
7 rounds of  
20 double unders
100 m sprint

PALEO CHALLENGE: accumulate 10 minutes of a bottom squat. This is a mobility challenge to start. you should be able to sit in the bottom squat for 10 minutes straight. Like a tribal member sitting in front of a fire! 

i would love it if some CFL women went to this. 

Womens Gauntlet

CrossFit Roseville presents the Women’s Gauntlet.

This will be a women’s only competition open to any woman who wants to participate. The format is simple, in 1 hour you will complete 4 back to back workouts! There will be 4 stations with 12 minutes at each station and 3 minutes for transitioning between stations. Heat times will be pre-determined. The order you sign-up will be the order in which athletes pick their heat. So sign up early so you can pick which heat you go in.

Everyone can compete in this competition. From the experienced CrossFit Fire Breather to the newly initiated, all athletes will get the opportunity to challenge themselves in a way that strengthens and empowers.

The three divisions for this event are:
RX’d (This athlete can perform most CrossFit benchmarks “As Perscribed.”)
Scaled (This athlete has been doing CrossFit less than a year or typically has to scale most workouts. Use good judgement, don’t be afraid to push yourself in the RX’d Division!)
Masters 35+ (Don’t be afraid to Go RX’d if you want to, just because you are over 35 doesn’t mean you have to sign up in the masters division.)

Date: September 28th 2013

Location: Crossfit Roseville: 8413 Washington Blvd, Roseville CA 95678

Cost: $45 Per Athlete (Includes T-shirt)

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Athletes in each division!

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