time to grow.

April 1,2013 strength: Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps

this will be the start of a 3 week cycle so when doing the lifts this week concentrate on perfecting form before lifting heavy weight. Don't move upward in weight if you feel your form is going out the window!

WOD Demo with Travis Holley - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]


75 burpee box jumps 24,20


What a great OPEN season it's been. I think all that have participated have enjoyed the experience of being held to a standard. These times show us where we need to work and where we need to become more proficient. I look at these experiences as times to grow. We can grow in our strength, efficiency, endurance, skill, agility, etc. We should look at these as benchmarks for goals for the future of this year. Hopefully most of you who thought , " I can't do it" have been proven WRONG and have changed your position. How awesome it was for me to see that some athletes were able to the RX weight for 13.4 who first went into it saying, " I've never lifted that much". That's awesome and should be celebrated!!

Also, as we look forward into 2013 I really want to focus on building our community. There have been so many stories of success and triumph that it would be very hard to not share with those that we are around. I hope that you feel that CFL is a place that can help your friends and family go places that they never thought possible. Tell them. Invite them to a wod. Think of some people that you think could really use a great place to help change their life. Our coaches are among the best and I have seen them willingly take care of all the athletes here at CFL. You are in GREAT hands!!!

So let's GROW! There are some exciting things coming down the pike. Be a part of it. have a great week.