Rate change:

Starting August 1st the rates will be:

Individual $135/month

Couple $260/month

LEO couple $210/month

If you have questions please contact me privately outside of the gym. It's been a pleasure serving you. 



CrossFit Loomis Automated Monthly EFT Memberships

Automated monthly EFT is provided by CrossFit Loomis. You can use any credit or debit card, and your membership can be cancelled at any time.



Designed for individuals/couples looking for a no-strings plan with flexibility. The month-to-month program requires no contract.  


Individual $135.00 per month. Couples $260 per month.


Busy schedule? Can't schedule more than 2x per week or new to fitness and this schedule works best for you?

2x per week Individual $120 per month. 2x per week Couple: $195 per month


When you’re ready to commit, great things happen. And by doing so we offer a discount to those athletes wishing to commit to 1 year of CrossFit.

PAID-IN-FULL 12 months.  10% discount


Want to commit but not for 1 year? This offering caters to individuals who are willing to purchase a 6 month membership up-front. Recurring billing is not offered with this program.  

PAID-IN-FULL 6 months. 5% discount


CrossFit Loomis promotes fitness and health. In keeping with that tradition, we recognize that some professions require a heightened state of readiness.  If you are law enforcement, military, or fire personnel, you qualify for a discounted rate.

Individual $135.00 per month. Couples $210 per month.





Are you looking to improve your fitness in a certain area? Do you have sport-specific goals? We are pleased to offer personal fitness training sessions for individuals who are looking for 1:1 coaching, for any reason.  When focused attention at a time that is convenient for you is what you want, we have four coaches with whom private training is available. This training can be at the CrossFit Loomis facility in Loomis. Develop and attain your personal fitness goals, work on your weaknesses, develop a personal exercise and nutrition strategy, build a strength foundation, work specific skills, or spend time on particular lifts under the eye of a trainer. This is the best option for custom program development and implementation with accountability.


$800 per month for 12 one hour sessions
$550 per month for 8 one hour sessions
$270 per month for 4 one hour sessions
$70 per session for 1 one hour session
By appointment only.


$20 (drop in fee is waived for out of town guests or people visiting that crossfit already.) 

Have an iPhone? Click here to book now using the Highfive Drop-in App.

ON-RAMP (An introduction to CrossFit)

For anyone new to CrossFit or new to working out, CrossFit Loomis offers a 4 session on-ramp program. The 4 on-ramp classes are private training sessions scheduled at the convenience of the athlete and they are one hour in length. In the on-ramp classes you receive basic movement instruction, education, and introductory workouts. After completing the On-Ramp sessions, most people will be prepared for transition into the regularly scheduled group classes. Email  dave@crossfitloomis.com to get on the list for the next on-ramp classes.

The cost for the on-ramp program is $165 per person with discounts for multiple bookings at concurrent times.

The on-ramp program is required for new members unless you can present a case for not needing to complete this program.

You Have Nothing to Lose

Visitors are welcome to come and try out a workout on Saturdays from 8-9 am. Come and see what CrossFit is all about.

All CrossFit Loomis memberships are month to month. You can cancel at anytime with no questions asked. We do not use long-term membership contracts. We believe that the coaching, the workouts, the people, and the positive fitness oriented atmosphere will bring you back every month. We don't want you here because you have to be here, we want you here because you want to be here.