monday- gym tours start on top of the hour

monday may 20,2019

I’m excited to announce that we were very busy and productive over the weekend and there are still new things to come. Please be on time as I will want to walk everyone through the new flow of the space. Thanks!!

PARENTS: we have moved the childcare room to the front so please NO FOOD in there. We are trying to reduce clutter and to simplify. There is opportunity to eat outside in the back. Thanks for understanding!

ATHELETES: This will be the time where you will want to tell your friends to come in and try it out. There is no better time than now.

lift: emom for 12 minutes

2 squat cleans
- warm up to a moderately heavy weight and increase


5 minute amrap
5 burpees over bar
3 clean and jerk 135/95

rest 2 minutes

5 minute amrap
10 air squats
2 clean and jerk 155/105

rest 2 minutes

5 minute amrap
15 pushups
1 clean and jerk 185/135