12 Minute Amrap

200 m run

15 Back squats 95/65

rest 3 minutes

12 minute Amrap

20 calorie row

10 box jumps 30/24

rest 3 minutes

12 minute Amrap

10 push ups

15 Sumo dead lift high Pull 95/65

this year we are definitely encouraging participation in the CrossFit open. It has been a great time of testing your limits and allows us to push ourselves a little differently than in our everyday wods. The cost is about $20 if you would like to sign up. Go to CrossFit.com/games

Also, this year we are going to test out an “in house” open comp. Everything is the same in regards to scoring. Cost will be $20 per athlete and proceeds will go to a possible prize for the winner and gym equipment depending on how many sign up.