friday chipper- MURPH ON MONDAY classes 6,8,9,10 only

friday may 25,2018

Wod: for time

100 power clean 135/95

every minute complete 5 burpees


Post wod Strength

-20 reps unbroken
choose: Back squat, Front squat, Deadlift
- start with Body weight
- will be doing 3x per week for about 8-10 weeks
- add 10 lbs each week


Endurance: Short, Mid, Long
Short= 8x100 m sprints 1min rest in between
Mid= 4x 400 m sprints 1 min rest in between
Long= 2x 800 m sprints 1 min rest in between

We will be doing murph on monday. classes will only be 6,8,9,10 so you can enjoy your day off and afternoon. bring a friend.