Monday- world vision 6 k (3 k farmer carry)

Monday April 23,2018

take 20 mins

lift: 5x7 touch and go power cleans

increase weight each time starting at 135/95

-find heaviest 7 rep

if you encounter a weight that is challenging to where you almost don’t make it, than remain at that weight for the remainder of sets



For time: 7 min time cap

3 rounds  

15 chest to bar pull-ups  

3 cleans 205/145


post wod:  

50 L hang flutter kicks  


 If you are looking for something to be a part of that’s bigger than yourself, join me in doing the 6k event, raising funds and awareness for children in the Congo. As a special challenge we will be walking/running half the distance then picking up a bucket of water and walking/running the rest of the way. Feel free to carry a bucket in both hands. In any case I think it would be awesome if our small little gym could out participate some of the local churches that are involved. Invite a friend family member etc. check out the link and get signed up! Hope to see you there!