friday- remember friday night lights 4-5:30. there is no 6 pm class

Friday March 16

riday march 16,2018

lift: 20 mins- 5x5 back or front squat

- warm up to a heavy start and try and maintain that through the sets


for time: 9 minute time cap . 

deadlifts 135/95
Burpee over bar
pushpress 135/95
complete 50 double unders after each set

then rest for 3 minutes 

for time: 9 min time cap
800 m run
50 pushups
50 kb swings 53/35


Remember that the PM classes will be 4-530 for the open workouts. Please know the standards of the movements for which you are competing in. One thing to note: You will need to wait for your counter to give you a rep for you handstand pushups. Be sure to slightly pause at top so both heels pass the line.

 Also, there will be some people that are not in the open working out. Please be respectful of their time and space as well. For those people that are new, instead of telling them to move, maybe HELP them find a spot. 

Thanks everyone! have a great workout