Friday 18.2

Friday March 2nd

lift: take 15 minutes and warm up your power clean to something heavy but not max  

5-4-3-2-1 power clean

try to plan what you may want to attempt during the wod.  


Wod:  Friday night lights 5-7

open wod: 12 minutes to complete


dumbbell front squat 50/35

bar facing burpee

- if you finish within the 12 minutes use the remaining time to establish a 1 rep max power clean  


non open wod

12 min time cap


front squat 115/75

bar facing burpee

then attempt a 1 rep max  


friday night lights ATTENTION

Couple notes for tomorrow

- before you get going gather everyone around to go over standard briefing

- review standards

Hips MUST pass parallel on squat and must fully extend at top

- shoulders MUST pass 90° (chest hits the floor, not stomach) on burpee

I would make sure that athletes practice movements in front of judge so they are clear and on the same page

- have in mind about a 4 attempt plan on cleans 2 you know for sure and 2 you want to attempt

- judge can help rack weight

I Expect that all athletes will respect the judges call. If I hear of any issues with reps then I will ask you to repeat wod. Don’t make it awkward. Meet the standards. Thanks.