Wednesday - prep for open 18.2

feb 28,2018

lift: emom for 15 min

1 power snatch

1 hang squat snatch

1 ohs

- stay lighter and work on proper positions - 



10 min time cap

5 rounds for time  

30 double unders  

6 snatch 135/95


this week I’m aware that there will be a few people out of town on Friday. Please try and complete the open wod during these times if possible : 

thursday - 6 pm (or anytime after 8)

friday - 10-3 pm

sunday- afternoon  

also, be VERY familiar with the standards of the movements. As the coach goes over the standards during Friday night lights (5-7pm) it should be a review of what you already know. You can go to the website or check your app. The standards are there. Thanks and have a great 18.2!