Lift 15 minutes to complete

5 Sets of 5 reps of 

Power clean to overhead

Goal is to work on efficiency with the bar. Quick transition from the ground, quickly going from the receiving position of the clean to overhead. 



Opens wod 18.1 

20 Minute Amrap

8 Toes to bar

10 Dumbbell hang clean and jerk (5 each arm) 50/35

14/12 Calorie row

There may be limited equipment for this wod in class, so feel free to modify as needed. If doing the opens and need to be judged and run according to standards please communicate that with the coach or come do the wod at Friday night lights. If coming Friday night is not feasible with scheduling you can do the wod in class or at a different time, but you will need to set up your own judge and if doing in class please be considerate of the class.  Friday night lights will be from 5-7. Please be somewhat familiar with the standards that need to be met for your division. Before you perform the workout please make sure you communicate with your judge and are on the same page of what meeting standards are so there are no surprises during the workout.