Thursday. Open gym 9-12 Are you ready for the opens?

The opens are upon us. What are they? A chance to challenge yourself mentally and physically. For very few they lead to a further challenge of Regionals and possibly the Games. For most of us they are a chance to embrace a healthy challenge. Many of the opens wods include movements that not all of us can do, or even dream of doing. Does that mean you can’t sign up? No way! I have seen so many athletes be intimidated or say “I can’t do Double unders”, (or whatever the movement is), challenge themselves by doing an opens Wod, and master a movement! Maybe it’s only 1 rep they get, but the confidence they gain in that one movement, pushes them to try harder or challenge themselves in other areas, wether it is life or Crossfit. Does its matter how you do in the opens? To us as coaches and fellow athletes. No, we care that you succeed in your efforts and gain that confidence to continue challenging yourselves in life. Whatever that may be. Happy Opens! 



Emom alternating movements for 32 minutes or 8 Rounds 

Minute 1:  12 calorie row

Minute 2:  5 Ring dips 

Minute 3: 200 m run

Minute 4: 8 Burpees 

you should have rest before the next minute arrives, so adjust repetitions as needed. Goal is to have about 10 to 15 seconds of rest each minute. Enjoy!!!