Tuesday- lift and ladies

Tuesday august 15,2017


for 30 minutes (60 reps) 

every :30 sec perform either

1 snatch or squat snatch


1 clean and jerk or squat clean and jerk

suggested weight ranges: 

snatch:135-155  squat snatch: 115-135

c+j: 155-185    Squat clean+jerk: 135-155

goal is to perform perfect or as close to perfect reps.  



If you have a wife/girlfriend/woman friend that has been wanting to try crossfit but too intimidated to come- Starting September 5 for 8 weeks we will be having a ladies only beginners class Monday Tuesday and Thursdays @ 7 - 8 pm. This class will be designed to introduce those to the fundamental movements and to experience a modified crossfit workout. No heavy weights.  Send me a text or an email if interested.
Email- dave@crossfitloomis.com

$240 crosffit 3xweek- for 8 weeks
customized macro coaching also available for additional cost
for the 8 weeks.

as of now there is no childcare provided. I hope that this could be a time for ladies to have their own time where they don't have to worry about their kids.  

in comparison

Cost for personal training
$100-$160/ hour = 12 sessions = $1200 per month