Wednesday. Lift

E.M.O.M. for 15 minutes 

2 Power snatch. Work on touch and go, getting a perfect start position as soon as the bar hits the ground. Should be a relatively light weight. You can stay at 1 load or increase as you go, but goal is perfect form. 

2 minute rest

E.M.O.M. for 15 minutes

1 Dead lift to 1 hang power clean. Again goal is perfect form, work on getting under the bar in your clean and catching at different depths as you get fatigued. 


Wod: Not for time, just work on skill

5 Rounds

1 minute Handstand walk practice. Lots of options: handstand hold, wall walks, handstand hold against wall with shifting weight from arm to arm, even a static bar hold overhead is beneficial, focus on a tight core and booty. 

30 second Hollow hold

100 M run