Friday - open schedule

Friday feb 24,2017

lift: 20 mins lift of choice or

10x2 pushpress - warm up to heavy reps and then maintain heavy.  


20 min time cap  

for time: 

300 double unders

200 air squats

100 med ball sit-ups 

50 deficit push-ups 45/25


due to our limited resources with dumbells, and in order to accommodate all of the open participants we are going to have a few different options for you to do your open wod. Please choose when you will go and then text the coach that will be in charge of that time slot 

dave - Friday 10-11 916-412-8508

pat- Friday 7- on  (916) 778-8728

Meshell - Saturday 9-10am  916-517-2817

(she is also available in afternoon ) 

meshell- Sunday 9-10am

please text and let know