Wednesday- last day to sign up for the open

Wednesday feb 22

lift: 20 min- 6x4 hang squat clean @65%

or lift of choice

skill: 20 min - work strict ring muscleups  

work consecutive muscleups  , 30 muscleups for time


wod: 15 min time cap

3 rounds for time: 

400 m run  

10 snatch @ 135/95


new normal- #betterthanyoufoundit

hey guys, I want to create a new normal at the gym. This new normal includes:

-putting all weights away when finished with workout

- wiping down all equipment that you used

- if you want to have conversations after class, please be aware of the next class and coach that is trying to lead. Take your conversation outside or down to a level -1 on volume. i love that you love to be at the gym😀

- basically , leave the gym better than you found it.  

Thanks guys!!!