Jan 13,2017



3 rounds for time: 

30 squat cleans 95/65

30 pull-ups  

800 m run


the program : 

just a reminder, there is a method to the madness. There is thought that goes into these workouts. The brain is thinking about all the athletes in the gym, the soreness of bodies, the abilities, the movements, the lengths of time, what we have done and what haven't done.  

Keep in mind that we are not an "isolation" gym. We don't focus on one muscle at a time.  

We subscribe to the Crossfit method- constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement  There is a science to our strength training- large loads over long distance divided by time = our fitness. We don't just do what we're good at. We work on our weaknesses. We appreciate our constant improvements because we can always get better. 

Trust the program. See you tomorrow.