Wednesday- shirts and nutrition

Wednesday sept14,2016

strength: 20 mins  

5x5 front squat or 5x5 back squats


or 5x5 clean and jerk or snatch


10 min amrap

5 hang snatch 95/65

5 overhead squat 95/65

100 m sprint


starting october 3 rd a new 8 week macro wave will begin. The cost is $150 for 8 weeks. This is the best nutrition program that I have seen that keeps you well fueled, helps increase fitness, and any other goals you may have. It's really nice to have misty be your personal coach through it all. It requires discipline and intentionality but the results are great! It expands beyond vanity and covers all measurements of fitness. Sign ups on the board.  


New shirts have been designed and will be available for preorder. Cost is $20 per shirt. Sign up sheet will be in gym Friday.