Wednesday- back to basics

Wednesday August 17,2016

strength and skill: 

emom  for 10 minutes

2 snatch 1 muscleup  

- looking for good clean snatch technique  

if you can do it with a heavier weight than do that. If not stay light. Also on work on parts of the muscleup. Ring row in false grip , ring dip, bar dip, modified muscleup or bar mu etc



snatch grip deadlift 95/65

hang snatch 95/65


hey guys , if you have forgotten then let's review: 

class starts at the top of the hour. if you want to decrease risk of injury than be there on time for the full warmup

- DO THE WARM UP!!!! it's specifically made for the workout.  

- if you come early please do mobility or stretching before you start the warmup. When you come early and do the warmup 15 minutes before the class starts and then find yourself waiting around for everyone to finish then it makes those that are on time feel as though they are late. Start at the top of the hour please.  

- introduce yourself to people. Hey! We're human beings. Say hi and shake a hand. Smile. Be inviting. We're a community here not just individuals. If it's tough for you to say hi, get over it. 😀.  

- clean up your weights and bars and wipe down your stuff.  

- be considerate of others. If someone is working out in YOUR spot , just move to another spot and gladly offer it up. There's no need to scour at someone and say "that's my spot" (don't we teach our children to share😬) 

- have integrity. COUNT ALL YOUR REPS. I think we've gotten past the point that it's more important to "win " and more important to be a person of character but just in case you have forgotten.  

- HAVE FUN! - we only live one life. You might as well enjoy it and help others enjoy it as well.  


A question ion to challenge your thoughts: 

what are you contributing to this life and to the lives around you?  

Are you adding to it or are you just a consumer? ☺️ 

have a great wod!!