Prepare for the open

Jan 25,2016

strength: even minutes 2 power clean

Odd minutes - work on skill

pistols, handstand push-ups , handstand, rope climb, ring dip, muscleups, pullups, etc.

do this for 20 minutes  



10 minute amrap:

5 chest to bar  

10 push press 95/65

15 sit-ups with ball 20/14


post wod work: 5x 50 sled push 135/95


the open is right around the corner. Are you participating? Now is the time to get your nutrition dialed in and continued work on skills. Also , this year the open workouts will be done in a separate "open " hour devoted purely to the open as to not interfere with the normal class and those that are not participating. Keep in mind the benefit of doing the open, sometimes the open pushes you to limits you have never gone to. Lots of athletes get their first...