Friday chipper-reminder!!!

Friday August 7,2015


25 mins to complete :

400 m run
30 clean and jerk 95/65😀
400 m run
30 snatch 95/65😕
400 m run
30 thrusters 95/65😳
400 m run
30 chest to bar pull-ups 😥

Just a reminder, I have stated this before, do not start putting your weights away while someone else is still struggling through to finish the workout. There is nothing more defeating than to watch that.
Be a leader and an encourager. If you finish before others, catch your breath, find someone who is not done and give a helpful word to inspire others. Maybe take a knee to the side and calmly say "you're doing great keep it up " or maybe help count.
Our culture says to fight by yourself. To do it alone. Let's be different in our gym culture. From the fittest to the unfit we are all the same in that we are trying to become better. We need those ahead of us to show the way. 😃👍