Habits eat will power for breakfast

Monday August 31,2015

Strength / lift:
Take the weight you used last Wednesday and perform 3 reps every 2 minutes for 14 mins
- adjust weight as necessary+/-


7 rounds
7 chest to bar pull-ups
7 thruster 95/65

Is training ever a question? Should I ?shouldn't I ? Ahh, I'm busy.
Came across this quote by John ortberg ," habits eat will power for breakfast"
Create good habits in your life. Sit down and list out your non negotiables. Hopefully your training is one of them. Your fitness affects so much of your life. It creates so much good in your life how could it be a question whether you will or you won't?
Create good habits in your life so your don't leave it up to your will because more times than not your will will disappoint you.