Don't over think it

Tuesday August 25,2015


3 rounds for time
800 m run
50 good morning 45/35
50 sit-ups

What an amazing gym we have! A great community of people that really count on each other!
We come , we workout and get sweaty and fit.
There's no need to over complicate things. Just because you have been doing this for 1,2,3or 4 years don't think that the workout needs to become different to be effective. You've heard "if it ain't broke then don't fix it"
There is nothing wrong with the CrossFit equation
Move a large load over a long distance , quickly! This is the equation that has revolutionized the fitness industry. It worked when you first started and it still works today. This has always been the theory here. Nothing has changed.
No need to over think it. If you want to be fitter, then do it faster.