let the referrals begin!

Monday June 1, 2015

lift: take 20 minutes and complete 10x3 front squat @ 60-80% of max
start lighter and increase weight as necessary


7 min amrap
clean and jerk 135/95


I'm on a quest for thirty. There are many ways to market a business. I have decided that what the our box needs are more people like YOU. I am proud to say that our box is one of the friendliest gyms out there. We are a very positive community. Unfortunately not all boxes are like ours. So in order to preserve what has been created the best way to grow is to invite your friends. the people that you hang with.

for every 2 people you bring in and sign up for 2 months you will receive 1 month free. this will only last for 6 months or until 30 are added so take advantage. 

Thanks for helping me make such a great community. it's because of you.