Hardwork pays off

Tuesday March 17

EMOM : 2 front squats for 12 minutes
Increase weight as necessary


Deadlifts 185/135
Kettlebell swing 53/35

I remember Bob Kincaid set a goal in his mind in the beginning of the year - "muscleup before the open". For the last 2 months he came in ,worked before and after class on all the components of the muscleup but never got one. Fail,fail,fail and fail again. Friday of 15.3 came in the morning, came in the afternoon, came in on Saturday and kept working.
Monday came and the final 14 minutes for 15.3.
Not only did bob FINALLY got his first muscleup, but 7 of them! Then went on to complete the whole round.

Omar lugo just with pure determination came in and fought with every fiber in his upper body to get the coveted muscleup. Key was he did not give up for 14 minutes. He got 1, then 2, then 3,4,5,6,7.

Meshell Andersen fought fought fought kicked and yelled for her first as well!

Great job guys. Never give up!!