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Monday , dec 7 2015

strength: 10-10-10 (70% of max ) back squat

- goal is to go unbroken

- rest 2-3 minutes in between sets

- increase weight as necessary  

In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:

1 minute of 115-lb. power snatches
1 minute of  sit-ups
2 minutes of 115-lb. power snatches
2 minutes of  sit-ups
3 minutes of 115-lb. power snatch

3 minutes of sit-ups  


i recently received an email from one of our athletes Justin Tinker:

Good morning Pack 815,
As you are aware, recently we lost our Assistant Webelos Den Leader Jed Parker to a heart attack. He left behind a wonderful wife, Debbi, and two boys, Riley & Blake. It looks like a memorial service will be scheduled at a later date (January or February). I will be sure to keep you informed.

A website has been created to assist the Parker family with meals during this difficult time. If you have the time to make a meal, please go to the website to schedule a day. It will be welcomed by the Parker family. It is a great way to show our support. Here is the link:


What a tragic time to lose a loved one. This is a local family that we could have a great impact on. I was thinking that we could collect some gift cards for food and such and deliver it to them from the gym since it seems most of the dates have been filled. There's no pressure here at all so if you feel led to then there will be a collection basket that you can drop your card in all week.