Back to it-strength/Olympic-fitness challenge

Aug 25 2014


monday Tuesday Wednesday: strength/Olympic lifting

thursday Friday : endurance

saturday: team wod


0-10 minutes: warm up

10-20 min: strength/Olympic lift:  

30 min max for wod


 strength/Olympic:3x5 (60-70%)


7 min amrap: 

3 ,6,9,12,etc

clean and jerk

toes to bar

rx -135/95


chidcare schedule: mwf 9,4. Please bring your children at these times if you need Childcare.  


Choose strength lifts or 1 Olympic lift to focus on for the next month

Everyday you will do work on these lifts. 



Back squat-

Front squat-



Squat clean-

Dead lift 

Front squat

Hang clean


Squat snatch-

Wide grip dead lift 

Oh squat

Hang snatch



For example: I want to work on my squat clean

Monday : deadlifts 5x5

Tuesday : front squats 5x5

Wednesday : hang squat clean 10 min emom 2 reps

Thursday : rest or deadlifts 3x3

Friday : front squats 3x3

Monday :hang squat clean 2 x 10 min emom


I will program the reps you choose the movement


FITNESS CHALLENGE rules of engagement: 

Final body fat test will determine winner: 

winner will receive -" supple leopard" and $100 gift card to rogueitness

1. Must know starting bf% 

2. must accumulate 40 points to be considered for final weigh in

3. Achieve points by one of the following: push/pull sled body weight 200ft, 5 min plank, 400 m farmer carry 53/35, 40 m handstand walk (free or on wall) , 30 tireflips

- each activity is 1 point

4. Eating will not be determined by me. You have the choice. Ask me if you need some pointers.  

5. Must perform "Fran" 2x. You must have a counter.