You're invited

Strength/ skill: 1 hang snatch 1 power/squat snatch emom for 15 mins. Start light increase weight when necessary. 




15 min amrap

10 deadlift 155/105

10 pullups

10 handstand push-ups * modification* use 115/75 push press


mike fitch's harvest party! 

Ok my party is on the 9th of August.  The location is 7756 horseshoe bar road Loomis. It starts at 5:00 pm. Children are welcome but we are serving beer and wine. This is our 3rd annual harvest party. We will be serving tritip and corn on the cob. Bring a side dish if you wish but is not mandatory. We have a pool to enjoy but no life gard.  Happy to have you guys.

*daves opinion* find babysitting *