dive in to intensity

Friday June 6, 2014



5 rounds 
400 m run
30 box jumps 24/20
30 wall balls 20/14

if you would like to attempt this workout alone than go for it. You can also make it really fun by partnering up with someone. Both athletes run but complete work with only one person working at a time. 

there will be a 30 minute cap.

Do you know how to tap into your intensity? It comes down to mentally deciding to give 100% effort every time. Do this and it will change your life. being able to say no to your brain and push through for one more rep, one more minute makes all the difference. You've heard me yell " no regrets today". What that means is don't workout and then later that day wish you had pushed harder. give an all out effort today.

will you?


Source: http://youtu.be/yf-Ig745OSM