Prepare yourself

Monday june 30,2014

strength/skill: every 2 minutes for 12 minutes complete 2 hang squat cleans and 2 jerks

- weight should be heavy

- increase weight as you feel necessary

- work on foot positions, fast elbows


4 rounds for time: 

200 m run

15 hand release push-ups  

25 oh lunge 45/25


before i I started doing crossfit I was drinking 4-5 mountain dews a day and eating Chinese food 3-4 times a week. General chicken,fried rice, 2 egg rolls. I tried to continue this fueling system when I first started. This was not a good plan and it left me feeling pukey,sluggish, and last among my friends! I decide I should start fueling myself better in order to perform better and get the most out of my workout.  

Today is going to be hot. Understand that you will need to hydrate well to perform the best you can. Don't sabotage yourself and your workout by not fueling properly.