Thursday May 22 

Skill: 3 hang cleans emom for 15 mins

- use 1st 5 minutes as an increase in warmup  

- use last 10 minutes as heavy. Squat if necessary.  


Wod: ""griff" 

run 800 m forward

run 400 m backward

run 800 m forward

run 400 m backward


if you can't run then 3 attempts of  

500 m row

25 push-ups  

take time between each attempt


post wod absercise:

50 L sits- hang from bar and bring legs to L position. Hold for 2 sec =1 rep


remember that tomorrow will be the last day of our Friday team wod. Try to pick same partner and beat your score from last week.  

Also, I will give food fit challengers an extra week to get your grace Isabel Fran time in. That's your buy in for the challenge.  

Point system will be introduced in june.   



there will be class on Monday at 8 and 9 only! Spread the word. It will be fun. Work with team or do it yourself.