Challenge continues!

Monday May 19

strength: 2 clean and jerks emom for 12 minutes. Warm up to about 70-80% of max and maintain for the full 12 minutes. If you don't know max write out a gradual plan increasing weight to get to a heavy weight.  



7 min amrap  

2 rope climbs ( 4 strict pull-ups =1 rope climb) 

20 kettle bell swing


congrats to Roberto Aragon who lost 1.7% body fat in 1 month! A close second was Kristin Crossan who lost 1.5% and Gina Treadway who lost 1.3%. This is proof that when you put the work in ( both training and food) you will get results! 


we are continuing our challenge and starting part 2. Next weigh in will be in august.  

To enter this challenge you must 1. Know starting body fat % and 2. Perform "grace" "Isabel " or "Fran" this week.  

Lets get after it!!