let's build muscle

Monday April 21,2014

strength/skill: 10x2 light to heavy


3 rounds 

50 air squats
400 m run


so what we found out about our body fat was we need to build muscle and lose fat. for those that are really wanting to get serious about this it's not that difficult to figure out. 

1. you have to eat !! even though you starve your self and lose a bunch of weight, you have no muscle. so don't be afraid to eat. Just eat the right thing. What foods build muscle? exactly, ice-cream and donuts (Jk). Also, you don't always want to have your body in starvation mode. eat!! Just make good decisions. 

2. Lift heavy and lift often. 100 lbs of fat looks way different than 100 lbs of muscle. Build the muscle and it will help burn the fat. We do not lift enough and/or heavy enough to get bulky. if anything you will just be trim. LIFT!


the winner of this competition will fine tune their nutrition habits and do the necessary work.