Don't forget to log it in

Tuesday 4-1-14

2 lifts emom for 10

use this time to work on form if it's a skilled lift or go heavy if you're at that place. If you need more squats IT'S OK you can do squats everyday if you wanted. Consider this illustration: when you first start playing a sport the movements can be very awkward, catching a ball, shooting a ball, golf, football, swimming...etc. but if you do these movements everyday or consistently through the week than we can become very efficient in them. We can throw harder faster longer straighter etc. Same with our lifts. Consistent practice will get you better. 

Be sure to log your activity in daily to see what weight you used and what lift you did. 



3 rounds for time

run 400 m

15 chest to bar pull-ups 

15 handstand push-ups 


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