Choose for a month

Monday March 31 2014

strength or skill:

Dead lift-
Back squat-
Front squat-

Squat clean-
Dead lift 
Front squat
Hang clean

Squat snatch-
Wide grip dead lift 
Oh squat
Hang snatch


Choose 2 power lifts or 1 Olympic lift to focus on for the next month
Everyday you will do work on these lifts. 
10 min emom 2-3 reps

For example: I want to work on my squat clean
Monday : deadlifts 5x5
Tuesday : front squats 5x5
Wednesday : hang squat clean 10 min emom 2 reps
Thursday : rest or deadlifts 3x3
Friday : front squats 3x3
Monday :hang squat clean 2 x 10 min emom

I will program the reps you choose the movement


strength/ skill: 5x5 60-70%


wod: 10 min amrap

15 hang snatch 95/65

30 sit-ups 

60 box jumps 24/20