the big picture- sign up for 6 AM!!

tuesday march 18 2014

 EMOM for 15 minutes- opportunity to work on skill and/or lift
1 hang snatch
1 hang squat snatch
warm up to a weight you can handle and stick with that weight 


2 muscleups 


3 rounds 
15 pushups 
15 kettlebell swings


Here is the bigger picture. we're trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. that means that we exercise regularly, we eat healthy, we do things we enjoy, we spend time with family, we work, we rest, we think of others, we compete, we have friendships, we have deep thoughts, we live life to the fullest. It's not JUST about the wod, although interestingly enough the wod helps us get there for some reason. ha!

A new rule i'm enforcing. Those that come to the 6 am class MUST sign up or let me know that they are coming. If no one signs up by 10 the night before, then the class will be cancelled. THANKS!