day 6

monday jan 6,2014



5 rounds
12 ring dips
10 thrusters 135/95



if you are one of those that needs to compete there are plenty of avenues to accomplish this:
1. compete against your friends in the gym. there is always someone to chase.
2. compete against the clock. rest less. go faster.
3. compete against the world. many times the wods come from the main site where lots of people post their times and scores.

you should not need a weekend competition to motivate you to push/train harder.  if you do  you will end up much like those who diet. you start, hit your goal, then lose motivation, gain the weight back, feel bad about yourself, then muster up enough to diet again. 

just get to the gym! it's more about the life pattern that creates overall success in your strength and fitness goals.