day 17

friday jan 17,2014

Skill/Strength: 10 minutes of work
1 hang snatch, 1 squat snatch
- work on form
- increase weight
form should be fantastic before increasing weight.

if snatch isnt your thing take 10 minutes and work on something you are not good at. just ask if you don't know.

3 rounds for time:
row 500
20 shoulder to overhead 115/75
run 400

these will be individual rounds for time. take as much rest as you want before you attempt again. score will be your slowest time.
if you're wondering, what this does is it takes care of saving any energy to perform better in one round versus the other. If you go slow on the first round to save energy so you can go faster on the other rounds then unfortunately that will be your score. so you never want to be slower than your first attempt, although you probably will. haha. enjoy