learn how to scale

friday , sept 13,2013



power snatch 115/75

box jump 30/24

spoke with someone about scaling the other day. Below are the pathways that we train at CrossFit. the blue is like a 1 rep max lift, the red would be like a FRAN or GRACE, and the green is anything else beyond. One of the key elements in Crossfit is intensity. One must learn how to maintain intensity through a workout.  So when we scale a workout it is not just to make it "easier" for you. It is so you can maintain the same amount of intensity that someone else would be having when doing the rx for the same amount of time. for instance: 

Mark's fran time = 3:19  using 95 lbs and unassisted pullups
Blanka's fran time = 20:12 using 65 lbs and black band pullups

Blanka has not scaled appropriately. she has turned a workout that was supposed to be completed in sub 5 minutes and turned it into and endurance workout where she is just getting the work done. Intensity left the building and she is just trying to survive. 

Blanka needs to scale the weight to something she could do unbroken to about 15 then push through and fight for the 21. She needs to get that time down within the 5 minutes. so how does she figure it out? she needs to know what she can lift number 1. she can ask a coach #2. even if it's PVC pipe, then doing 45 Squats and 45 assisted unbroken should still completely exhaust someone at that level.  

Let's continue this conversation about scaling and not focus so much on the RX!