wallballs and run and note from coach camille


strength: death by pushups by 2
1 minute do 2
2 minute do 4...etc go as far as possible  


15 minute amrap

100 m run
10 wall balls 20/14
10 double unders

note from coach Camille: 

There is so much more going on during each workout we do than meets the eye. Watching what goes on in our Box during WODs, a world of inspiration unfolds. Character is built, revealed, challenged, cultivated, new pathways are formed, and we walk out a little different from when we came in.

It is one thing to watch someone in their wheelhouse, mastering movements that come easily for them and finish in a record time. That IS inspiring. But I have to say what really gets me going is watching people work through what is difficult for them, targeting, strategizing, and pressing through, finding what motivates them to keep pushing, determined to get to the finish line and find what will help them grow during the painful journey. Talking to themselves internally, imagining what they can do, drawing strength from the team around them, and pushing past boundaries and barriers to new levels of aptitude. The workout gets nasty, grueling; there is a movement that you know is your challenge, something you have yet to master, something that could threaten you or CHALLENGE you...you take the higher road, facing it and finding ways to make each rep count for you, growing stronger through the climb. THIS is inspiring. Even watching people have discouragement come up...it appears on their faces, the negative defeating emotions of life surfacing during the workout...a decision point. The rounds seem never-ending, you arrive at that particular ominous, threatening movement again, the strategy you started out with isn’t working anymore. Anger, frustration, defeat surges up. But you look to the person next to you who gives you a wink of strength or you dig deeper within to the TRUE voice of ENCOURAGEMENT and you find a new way, new strategy, you REFRAME and press on, persevering to the end. In just one snapshot of what goes on at our Box, I saw this happen time and time again yesterday in people. People who are training for life, applying what happens in the gym to the bigger picture of their lives. It was very inspiring.

You guys inspire me!