got abs?

Friday July 19,2013


Thruster 115/75
row 1000 m or run 800

we all have that six pack. they are just hidden. so how do you expose them? eat lean. train constantly varied and high intensity. it's pretty simple. Note: just because we are not doing "abs" in the wod doesn't mean that we are not working the abs. everything we do uses the core. therefore your abs are being used. consider deadlifts, doubleunders, pushups, pullups, thrusters, cleans, snatches, wallballs, handstand pushups, push press, jerks, running, rowing, box jumps, sled pushes, toes to bar, muscleups, overhead squats, etc.!  


AUGUST 1 Paleo challenge is coming. get ready!  stay tuned for the details. you have a few weeks to clean out your fridge and cupboards and start preparing for success.