good question

Wednesday July 17,2013


100 bar facing burpees
 * every 3 minutes run 100 m sprint

*start wod with 100 m sprint. 

summer abs:
if time permits
100 flutter kix
50 situps
100 flutter kix

question: Should I do things as prescribed or should i modify? 
my answer: do your modifications perfectly increase strength and form before you go to RX. 

example: should i do ring dips?
answer: can you do a full range and up to standard pushup?  YES. Can you do a full range motion and up to standard bar dip? NO. Then maybe you should to a full range motion and up to standard paralette pushup or a full range motion bar dip with assistance.  When you can do those perfectly then attempt ring dips. 

We are trying to get stronger and move along in the progressions to full range motion movements. Use the modifications as an alternative move to remind you of that end goal. Do not settle for the modification. Work to move past it.