meet the standards, and reinforced rules

Friday July 12,2013


For time:

70 Burpees

60 Sit-ups

50  snatch 75/55

40 oh walking lunges 45/25 

30 Handstand push-ups


As usual the standards of the movements will always be instructed before the workout begins. Make sure you meet them. RX means that you do the wod AS PRESCRIBED. That means that when you do a box jump your hips are open up at the top. REP! 

rule reinforced: 

 when finished with the workout do not rack weight and start getting ready to go. Cheer someone else on! count for someone. anyone who ignores those that are not finished will be issued 50 burpees. so let's not do the 50 burpees and cheer others on. -  


more rules to come.